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  1. Moondrop Shiroyuki

    15mm Dynamic Driver Earbud!

    Shiroyuki by Moondrop 水月雨 are extremely affordable earbuds with a beautiful tonality!

    Clear but not peaky, with a tinge of warmth, they are natural sounding, and extremely comfortable in the ear!

    Beautiful to look at with its see-through form factor, and cable that feels more than their asking price, the Shiroyuki is perfect to carry around on days when you want comfort, and perfect for gifts to your friends!


  2. Moondrop S8

    Singapore Oardio Showroom In-Store Demo Status: Available

    8 DRIVERS per side FLAGSHIP IEM! (Sonion + Softears + Knowles BA!)

    The S8 is Moondrop's Latest Flagship 8 Driver per side IEM. Build immaculately to perfection, it not only looks gorgeous, but has a very unique tuning, that is can be described as mellow but incredibly detailed!

    Hear everything with the S8; if its in the mix, you can definitely hear it.

    It has a lean bass that can dig deep when the track calls for it, mids that are not laidback yet not forward, and a treble that is presented well, controlled, with great presence and almost nil sibilance!

    With a very clean sound, wide soundstage, spot on imaging, very good separation and an extremely high resolution, the Moondrop S8 is an IEM that has the whole package!


    Pre-Order: Do allow 2 to 3 weeks for shipping
  3. Moondrop SSP

    Super Spaceship Pulse! Beryllium Coated Dynamic Driver!

    The SSP by Moondrop follows the style of the successful SSR, now with an elevated bass, and sounds great especially for pop music! Keeping the transparent mids and beautiful treble extension still intact, the royal navy blue is certainly eye catching! 


  4. Moondrop SSR

    Super Spaceship Reference! Beryllium Coated Dynamic Driver!

    The SSR by Moondrop utilises a beryllium coated dome dynamic driver and provides a reference signature for the avid audiophile and musician! With a clean sounding, defined bass, transparent mids and a reference treble, the SSR is housed in a unique heart shaped rigid petite housing and comes with a detachable silver plated 4N Litz OFC cable providing you an amazing experience!


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