About Us

Welcome to the world of Oardio! We search the world for quality and great sounding audio and tech products, to suit the sound of every budding audiophile, musician and casual listener, and offer these products at great competitive prices! With a fast expanding selection of brands and accessories, we look forward to serving you, whether you live in Singapore, or reside overseas! If you live in Singapore, drop by our store to try our testing units and have great and friendly advice! For overseas customers, we do deliver to anywhere in the world too! Thank you for dropping by, and we would love to hear from you some time! Oardio.

We are authorized brand agents for UCOTECH, Tanchjim, Tin Hifi, CCA, Moondrop, KZ, BGVP, See Audio, Anleon, Shuoer, TRN, OneOdio, Mifo, ISK, Nuarl and Bluedio.

BGVP Oardio Certificate of Authorisation

Tanchjim Oardio Authorized Dealer Certificate

Moondrop Singapore Distributor Oardio Authorization Certificate

See Audio Agent Singapore Certificate of Authorisation Oardio
CCA Authorized Distributor Singapore Agent Certificate Clear Concept Audio Oardio
Oardio Tin Hifi Authorized Dealer Certificate
OneOdio Authorized Dealer Certificate

KZ Authorized Distributor Singapore Agent Certificate Knowledge Zenith Oardio

TRN Oardio Authorized Agent Certificate

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