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  1. ISK MDH9000

    Amazing Sounding Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphones with Great Soundstage by iSK! (Beautiful 50mm Dynamic Driver!)

    The MDH9000 by iSK is highly raved by the audio headphone community and probably one, if not the best headphone sub $100 !

    With a wide frequency response range of 10Hz to 30KHz, great isolation, and comfortable form factor, these are great for DJs, monitoring, mixing, and listening to music, that can compete with the big boys, and at a price that won't burst your pocket! 

    With the closed-back form factor, these have a great punch to the bass! Vocals cut through great and micro details are very evident! Superb Clarity!

    Also with the ability to detach the 3.5mm cables, you can interchange with the 2 cables provided (1 3.5mm straight cable and 1 3.5mm coiled cable), or upgrade them with other cables in the future!

    All in all, a great quality product from iSK!

  2. Tin Hifi P1 Tin Audio P1 Tin Hifi P1 Tin Audio P1
    Tin Hifi T1

    If you like the Tin Hifi T2, be sure to check out its father the Tin Hifi T1!

    The single dynamic 12.5mm driver provides more bass than the T2, and is a warm and intimate, non-fatiguing listen, perfect for bringing on travels like commuting on the train and long bus rides!

    The inbuilt microphone and controls make the T1 an all-rounder earphone, for listening to music, phones calls + gaming.

    The gunmetal round form factor, with the T1's sleek round metal splitter and long lasting cable looks and feels good.

    And once again Tin Hifi never fails to bring great build quality and beautiful sound as always!

    Personalise them with our engraving service to make them unique, or to gift them as a special gift!

    Regular Price: US$36.90

    Special Price US$25.00

  3. Tin Hifi T2 PRO Tin Hifi T2 PRO
    Tin Hifi T2 PRO

    DUAL DRIVERS! (2 Dynamic Drivers - 10 mm Woofer + 6mm Tweeter)

    The T2 Pros are famous for being natural sounding, fairly flat response type IEM earphones with great micro details and clarity.

    Perfect as reference IEMs and if you want an authentic sound signature.

    The gun metal housing looks real sleek!

    Also, these earphones can be worn either over the ear or on ear!

    Personalise them with our engraving service to make them unique, or to gift them as a special gift!

    Regular Price: US$58.00

    Special Price US$53.00

  4. KZ ZST Pro Colourful

    Latest version of KZ ZST Pro Colourful with Rose Gold Braided cable!

    DUAL DRIVERS! Hybrid Technology! (1 Dynamic Driver + 1 Balanced Armature )

    Great sounding earphones with a great in trend colourful headturning look too!

    Clarity is great, micro details are evident, with a nice bass.

    Detachable Rose Gold Braided cable included!

  5. KZ BA10 Gold & Red
    Brand new release from KZ! 5 DRIVERS! (5 Balanced Armatures) The KZ BA10 delivers great detail and just the right amount of bass for a great listening experience and an amazing price! Use it for listening to Spotify/Tidal/Deezer music, as in-ear monitors for stage performance, or even use it for an all-around immersive gaming experience with awesome in-game audio plus a built-in mic for chatting to your friends!
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