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  1. OneOdio A100 ANC TWS

    9mm Neodymium Driver TWS True Wireless IEM (with ANC Active Noise Cancellation)!

    The OneOdio A100 has a wide array of features for the avid sportsperson, traveller and commuter! Coupled with an option to turn on active noise cancellation to increase isolation in noisy settings, or transparency mode to hear the ambient sound around you for safety, the A100 is a TWS to carry everywhere you go! With IPX5 water resistance rating, use it while you go for run or at the gym! With a long battery life on both the earphones and charging case, OneOdio A100 is a TWS that provides great convenience for many scenarios! Also supports wireless charging!




  2. Nuarl NT01L TWS

    Natural Sounding TWS True Wireless Stereo Earphones by NUARL! (1 Beautiful Sounding Dynamic Driver 6mm!)

    The NT01L by NUARL are a great pair of TWS True Wireless Earphones Earbuds for the everyday commuter!

    Running a Bluetooth 5.0 Qualcomm QCC3001 chip, with a water resistance rating of IPX4, weighing only 5grams per earphone, the NT01L makes a perfect daily driver, with its great sound, light weight and stable bluetooth connection.

    The NUARL NT01L also has a great playback time of 5 hours, and comes with a really compact case, which extends play time to an amazing 17 hours!

    The NT01L runs AAC codec, which is lossless, and also charges quickly within 2 hours when charging through the case.

  3. Bluedio T Elf TWS

    Super Lightweight, Portable and Low Latency True Wireless Stereo Earphones by Bluedio!

    The T Elf by Bluedio are a great pair of entry level TWS True Wireless Earphones Earbuds. Standby time is about 1000 hours, and audio playback time is approx 7 hours.

    They feel so light on your ear, they don't even feel like they are there.

    Comes with a charging case to charge them when you are not using them.

    So compact that even the charging case fits in your hands!

    Also, a unique and useful feature, especially for car drivers, of the Bluedio T ELF is the ability to use the ear buds independently on different devices too!

  4. Bluedio TN Energy ANC

    Sports Wireless Earphones with Active Noise Cancellation at a great price! (13mm Dynamic Driver!)

    The TN Energy Earphones have a great stable Bluetooth connection, great sound and Active Noise Cancellation for all your activities including sports and your daily commutes!

    It also has a mic that will definitely be handy for phone calls.

    Be sure to check them out!

  5. Bluedio TMS ANC

    Minimalistic Wireless Headphones with Active Noise Cancellation at a great price! (57mm Driver!)

    Whether you are a daily commuter on the Bus or Mrt, a Jet Setter around the world on planes, or just wanting to enjoy movies on your mobile or tablet during late nights at home, be sure to check out the Bluedio TMS Headphones!

    With the convenience and stability of the latest Bluetooth 5.0, approx 1000 standby hours, Active Noise Cancellation, great sounding 57mm drivers, coupled with a minimalistic design at an amazing price, the TMS is of great value!

  6. OneOdio A10 Headphone

    Bluetooth 5.0 with switchable ANC + Fast Charging Headphones!

    The OneOdio A10 is an ideal headphone for travelling on a plane, or commuting on public transport, or enjoying that quiet night at home!

    It is super lightweight and comfortable, able to fold, has a switchable Active Noise Cancellation that helps keep you in the "zone", fast charging if you are really busy (10 mins gives you 2 hours playtime) and Bluetooth 5.0 to keep it wireless and have a good connection!

    All these features with a good sound for easy listening, a really sleek and luxurious form factor, a carrying case for protecting your headphones, a usb-c to 3.5mm audio cable if you want to listen via wire, an airplane audio adaptor and a usb-c cable for fast charging, the OneOdio is definitely a headphone with complete accessories to get and bring for all your travels!

    Get these awesome headphones now!


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