Moondrop S8


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8 DRIVERS per side FLAGSHIP IEM! (Sonion + Softears + Knowles BA!)

The S8 is Moondrop's Latest Flagship 8 Driver per side IEM. Build immaculately to perfection, it not only looks gorgeous, but has a very unique tuning, that is can be described as mellow but incredibly detailed!

Hear everything with the S8; if its in the mix, you can definitely hear it.

It has a lean bass that can dig deep when the track calls for it, mids that are not laidback yet not forward, and a treble that is presented well, controlled, with great presence and almost nil sibilance!

With a very clean sound, wide soundstage, spot on imaging, very good separation and an extremely high resolution, the Moondrop S8 is an IEM that has the whole package!


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Impedance: 16Ω +- 15% @ 1Khz

Earphone sensitivity: 122dB/vrms

Frequency range: 20-40000Hz

Interface: 3.5mm L shape plug

Pin Type: 0.78mm 2pin


1x Moondrop S8 Flagship IEM Earphones

1x Moondrop Litz 6N OFC to 3.5mm L Shape Jack Cable

Moondrop Silicon eartips (S, M, L) x 2 sets per size

Moondrop Carry Case

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Manufacturer Moondrop 水月雨

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David (CHI-FIEAR) 268/09/2020 25/09/202008:25
  • Switzerland
  • I like it:
Definitely yes
The neutral adult
The MOONDROP S8 is the successor to the A8 and with its accurate, natural sound reproduction has long since ceased to be an insider tip. You don't often come across IEMs that manage to make a neutral tuning sound musical and authentic without slipping into sterility. The S8 is a very mature IEM, which has a lot in common with the

Those who have already had the opportunity to listen to the BLESSING 2 may be a bit disappointed, as the S8 does not reveal any new sonic dimensions, but those who find the B2 too technical and analytical and long for more warmth and relaxation without wanting to sacrifice the technical and sonic quality of the B2 may have found their audiophile companion for the next decade in the S8, which more than justifies the price then.

… Compared to the BLESSING 2, the bass of the S8 subjectively sounds somewhat muted. This is not untypical for BA basses, but in comparison the S8 is neither anemic nor sterile. The pressure of the B2 is missing in the subrange, but in return we have a slightly more accentuated mid-bass range, which gives the signature a bit more warmth, gives the notes more weight and makes the S8 in total a bit smoother, softer and more emotional. …

… In the midrange the S8 presents itself very mature. Here the neutrality of the B2 adds a spark of naturalness. This gives voices and instruments an authentic timbre without coloration and you can indulge in music without restriction …

…The high frequency brings everything to warm the audiophile heart. Not quite as sparkling as the BLESSING 2 and also rolling a bit too early to rapture trebleheads completely, but instead with an enormous depth of detail and transparency…

… For me, the S8 is a technical, relaxed and self-confident IEM, with which I like to explore music a bit more closely, but which also allows me to let go and simply enjoy it.
But you definitely have to know what you are getting into with the S8, otherwise you might be disappointed. Compared to the B2, I would classify the S8 as more audiophile and definitely a suitable tool for the stage, but the B2 more technical, a bit brighter and more in the direction of studio reference …

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