Moondrop Blessing 2


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10mm Dynamic Driver + 4 Balanced Armatures (Knowles SWFK + Softears Custom) Hybrid IEM!

After the recent release of the impressive Moondrop S8, Moondrop does it again!

The Blessing 2 is gorgeous to look at with its great build quality and workmanship!

The 10mm dynamic driver focuses on providing a gentle and detailed bass that fits nicely with the rest of the spectrum, and does not overwhelm.

The mids are clean, more focused on the upper registers, providing a very detailed image, while the treble adds a sparkle and air, without sibilance and fatigue!

The form factor fits really well in the ear too!



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Impedance: 22Ω ± 15% @ 1Khz

Earphone sensitivity: 117dB/vrms

Frequency range: 9-37000Hz (free field 1/4 inch MIC)

Interface: 3.5mm L shape plug

Pin Type: 0.78mm 2pin


1x Moondrop Blessing 2 IEM Earphones

1x Moondrop 3.5mm L Shape Jack Cable

Moondrop Silicone eartips (S, M, L) x 2 sets per size

Blessing 2 User guide

Quality Control Card

Moondrop Introduction Card

Moondrop Carry Case

Manufacturer Moondrop 水月雨

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David (CHI-FIEAR) 268/09/2020 25/09/202008:19
  • Switzerland
  • I like it:
Definitely yes
the technical expert
The MOONDROP BLESSING 2 is more or less a benchmark if you are looking for neutral sound under 300€, as well as a compromise between analytical and natural sound.

Technically, the B2 is really not to be blamed for anything, as it doesn't allow itself any real weaknesses and can outdo far more expensive models.
Soundwise you definitely have to be aware of what you are getting into, otherwise this could lead to disappointment.
The BLESSING 2 does have studio monitor qualities, but for the street it might not always be the first choice.

For its almost 280 € the MOONDROP BLESSING 2 is praised above all for its neutrality and represents something like a reference in the price segment. This is certainly not for everyone, but nevertheless this tuning is sparse in the confusing IEM jungle and especially the technical characteristics of the B2 are admirable.

… With its unconditionally linear tuning the bass is a rare phenomenon in IEM circles when it comes to a DD bass. It certainly doesn't have the usual impact you might be used to from a dynamic driver, on the other hand it offers more pressure in the low range and more presence if you are more used to BA basses. …

… The mids of the B2 are not only very neutrally tuned, they are also damned accurate.They have a very slight tendency to "shout", but in a quite bearable range. I also feel them sometimes a bit thin and would like more body. Nevertheless the mids are one thing above all, tonally correct….

… The amount of detail in the high frequencies is enormous, but I'm a bit disturbed by the light metallic BA timbre and the sometimes more, sometimes less subtle sibilant emphasis. I know it's damn hard to strive for a reference tuning and still achieve a safe tuning in the high frequencies. To make sure that you don't miss any subtleties there must be enough level in the high frequency range to be able to represent them. …

One word describes BLESSING 2 quite well and that is neutrality. In fact it reminds me of reference oriented IEMs like the ULTIMATE EARS RR. But the question is when this sound will be an added value for the inclined audiophile.

The BLESSING 2 actually does absolutely nothing wrong, especially when it comes to correct and precise sound reproduction, even with analytical demands. It also retains a certain musicality, but doesn't know how to build up emotions very well.

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Chris 118/04/2020 28/04/202009:19
  • Singapore
  • I like it:
Definitely yes
Moondrop Blessing 2
Yet another beautiful product by the team at Moondrop Labs.

A step up from the KxxS and Blessing. Would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants a good sounding pair of IEM without blowing a hole in their wallet.

Huge thank you to oardio for assisting with ordering the engraving version of the Blessing 2 and for the great service provided throughout :).
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2 Item(s)

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