ISK HF2010


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Natural Sounding Semi-Open Back Over-Ear Headphones by iSK! (Beautiful Sounding 53mm Dynamic Driver!)

The HF2010 by iSK is an awesome sounding pair of headphones!

With its Semi-Open Back form factor, you get a natural sound signature, which is great for authentic casual listening at your desk, mixing your own recordings, video editing and watching movies!

The sound improves further through a headphone amp too!

At this price, there are hardly many headphones that can match the HF2010 for its quality vs price ratio!

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Driver: 53mm Dynamic

Impedance: 60Ω

Sensitivity: 93+-3dB

Frequency range: 18-25000Hz

Interface: 3.5mm default plug with a 6.3mm converter plug

Cable Length: Approx 3m

ISK HF2010 Package Includes:

1x iSK HF2010 Headphones with 3.5mm plug

1x 6.3mm converter plug

1x Soft Case

Manufacturer iSK

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Reza 96/04/2020 06/04/202014:56
  • Singapore
  • I like it:
Definitely yes
ISK HF2010, my first reference type headphones.
Thanks to Oardio's swift service on Carousell. Clinched the deal in a matter of minutes. Friendly and polite. Oardio is very supportive in my newbie audiophile journey.

Now on to the review of the ISK HF2010!


Currently listening to Hans Zimmer "A Dark Knight", Yanni "1994 Live at the Acropolis: Acroyali/Standing in Motion" and Billie Eilish "No Time to Die".

Overall sound:
Signature: Warm
Bass - just enough (seems slightly boomy on Hans Zimmer stuff, ok on Yanni. But let's wait a few days)
Mids - forward (lovely timbre on the Billie Eilish's voice)
Treble - perfect. Not piercing.
Soundstage - definitely wider than my JBL E65BTNC (I have no other reference point)
Imaging - more precise than the JBL E65BTNC (I have no other reference point)

I am powering it through the Neoteck NTK059.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S10
Player: Spotify on max quality
Volume on device: Max
Volume on amp: 2/10 (more than enough for me. Anymore will be ear drum smashing)

The ISK HF2010 can be powered by my Samsung Galaxy S10 and still sounds very good. But with the amp I get more quality and quantity out of the headphones.

Thank you Oardio once again.
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