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    BGVP ArtMagic Vocal Silicone Tips

    The BGVP ArtMagic Vocal silicone tips are extremely soft, pliable, and really comfortable in the ear, to ensure enjoyable long listening sessions!

    Not only does it fit well in the ear, it also does a great job in vocals and the mids section!

    Get these great silicone tips now!

    *See additional info tab below for sizing measurements

  2. BGVP DM8

    8 Pure Balanced Armatures! (Knowles and Sonion)

    The DM lineup by BGVP has seen extremely successful models such as DM6 and DM7, and now comes the DM8 with even more powerful specifications! Combining 8 quality balanced armature drivers from Knowles America  (SWFK, TWFK, RAF models) and Sonion Denmark (23, 38 models), a 4 way crossover, in a semi custom form factor for the shell, with a Estron Denmark quality cable, choose between 2 beautiful designs (wood or resin), and this amazing IEM as your daily driver!


  3. BGVP Zero

    Electrostatic Technology! (7mm Electret Electrostatic Unit + 10mm Carbon Nanotube Moving Coil Dynamic Driver + N52rb Magnets)

    BGVP Zero combines a modern ergonomic design with a patented acoustic chamber and an electrostatic dynamic 10mm unit to bring about a unique sound! 

    With great resonance, a warm texture and smooth highs, BGVP staying faithful to their successful tuning style, a premium 6N OCC silver plated mic cable, and combined with a headphone amp to power and push the electrostatic to the fullest potential, Zero's sound is rich with sparkle, details and set upon a sizeable stage!

  4. BGVP DS1 Pro

    TRIPLE DRIVER! Hybrid Technology! (High Density N52 Magnetic Ring Combined with Polymer Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Driver + 2 Balanced Armatures)

    The BGVP DS1 Pro is very well constructed and and a beauty to look at! With a premium 5N Silver Plated OCC cable, which is the same as the famous cable provided with the BGVP DMG, quality gold plated MMCX connectors, a three way crossover, professional acoustic damping for the dynamic driver and a gold plated brass tube designed specially for the balanced armatures, the BGVP DS1 Pro has a very uniformed rounded bass, rich and warm mids and and a clear treble, and is a great all rounder for many genres!

  5. BGVP SGZ-DN1s

    DUAL DRIVERS! Hybrid Technology! (8mm Biofilm Low Frequency Dynamic Driver + Custom Balanced Armature 30019)

    A well designed and attractive entry level IEM, the BGVP SGZ-DN1s is a great start to the amazing BGVP lineup of earphones!

    The BGVP SGZ-DN1s has an appealing V shaped signature with a gentle dynamic driver bass, warmish lows, clear highs and has a nice imaging scene.

    2 different styles of silicon tips, a cable clip and a great quality 5N OFC detachable mic cable are included, and the cable binds to universal quality MMCX connectors on the ear pieces too!

  6. BGVP ArtMagic VG4

    QUAD DRIVERS! Pure BA! (2 Sonion Balanced Armatures [33AJ007i/9 Dual Woofer] + 2 Knowles Balanced Armatures [ED-29689] + [RAF-33518] )

    Part of BGVP's ArtMagic series, VG4 uses a quality drivers by Sonion and Knowles with a 4 way crossover system and 3 tuning switches, to provide great flexibility and a rich sound! The bass is clearly defined, vocals are sweet and full, and the treble has a nice smooth presentation. Switch 1 increases treble presence, switch 2 provides more body and switch 3 supplements a nice bass boost should you require! Very light on the ear, coupled with a quality 6N hybrid copper and silver plated braided 8 core cable, the VG4 is very comfortable both in sound and wearing!

    Also Hi-Res certified by the Japan Audio Society.

    Should you require custom colours for universal, or customised based on ear impressions, do feel free to contact us at 

  7. BGVP 6N Hybrid OCC Silver Plated Cable

    6N Single Crystal Copper with Silver Plated Single Crystal Copper Blend 8 Core Hand Woven Cable!

    The 99.9999% OCC + Silver Plated Hybrid cable is another quality cable brought to you BGVP!

    Better separation, tight low ends, transparent mids, with great details while providing a smooth treble, this cable, that is the same one that comes with the BGVP DM7, sounds amazing and looks great with its 2 tone 8 core braid, good thickness and soft feel!

    Pairs really well with other IEMs including the BGVP DMS!

    Be sure to check it out now!


  8. BGVP ArtMagic DH3
    Hybrid Technology! 8mm Dynamic Driver + 2 Balanced Armatures (by Knowles)! The ArtMagic Series has BGVP's latest premium lineup, and the DH3 is part of it! With an 8mm Dynamic Driver providing the bass punch in the lows, and 2 Balanced Armatures by Knowles for the mids and highs, the DH3 has a very balanced sound profile, making sure you enough of every frequency! It also comes with switches that allows for 4 tuning styles. It is Hi-Res certified, and its form factor allows for a great fit in most ears. Be sure to check it out!
  9. BGVP 5N Silver Plated OCC Crystal Copper MMCX to 3.5mm Blue Cable

    Silver Plated 5N Single Crystal Copper 8 Core Hand Woven MMCX 3.5mm Blue Cable!

    This cable is in an alluring blue, thin but strong form factor, and has focuses on clarity!




  10. BGVP 6N Silver Plated OCC Crystal Copper 0.78mm 2 pin to 3.5mm Cable

    Silver Plated 6N OCC Single Crystal Copper 8 Core Hand Woven 2 pin 0.78mm 3.5mm Cable!

    This handwoven cable helps to tighten the bass, bring out the mids and extend the highs without being harsh!



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