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  1. Shuoer Tape Electrostatic

    Low Voltage Electrostatic Coupled Dynamic Driver!

    The Shuoer Tape is an impressive little IEM that delivers great detail while still having a well controlled treble, due to the low voltage electrostatic driver!

    As it is coupled with a dynamic driver, it delivers nice warm lows with a subtle punch!

    Vocals are detailed, energetic, and yet not having a sense of being forward!

    With its unique form factor shaped in a cassette tape, it fits really well, and has above average isolation!

    Its sound signature is quite balanced and will deliver great sessions for music appreciation!

    Be sure to check them out now!


  2. Shuoer Singer

    Electrostatic + 8mm Dynamic Driver couplet IEM!

    Following the success of the Tape, EJ07 and H27, Shuoer has brought another unique IEM!

    The Singer, just like how it is named, brings a different dimension to vocals!

    The singer definitely steals the limelight in an auditorium like feel, while the instruments are nicely spaced across the stage!

    Though a detailed laden set, the Singer has can be listened to at a low volume while retaining dynamics, and thus can be used for fairly long sessions!

    Soundstage is wide, imaging is accurate and separation is evident and busy music passages do not get lost and mushy!

    Bass can be increased with additional filters, and with the option of using both 2.5mm balanced or 3.5mm termination with the included adaptor, it allows for a clean balanced signature, and a slightly bassier version!

    The lightweight singer sits in your ear comfortably, and with its beautifully engraved wordings on 304 foodgrade stainless steel, coupled with a unique sound signature, The Singer by Shuoer is wanting to steal the show in your mind!



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