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See Audio is made up of a team of aspiring young individuals out to bring out excellent sounding products with great quality and design! With a great experience in producing custom in ear monitors, they have now expanded to including universal IEMs like Yume (Anou), Neo and Kaguya as well! We are proud to represent them! Should you like customs for Neo and Kaguya, they are available as well!

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  1. See Audio NEO 10BA IEM

    10 Balanced Armatures Per Side (Sonion and Knowles)!

    See Audio's NEO fully utilizes the 10 high quality Balanced Armatures it has per side to its full potential, while keep its form factor small, petiite and ergonomic!

    While first capturing your attention with its beautiful gold sparkling faceplate, the Neo dazzles you completely with its detailed sound, superbly technical tuning, while keeping the main thing, the music emotive!

    The subbass and bass emulates has an "air moving" punchy type texture to it, while keeping it fast with great quality.

    Vocals shine with naturalism and great clarity, and the big stage is set with clean separation among the instruments, all in all still retaining the coherence and cohesiveness.

    The highs have a nice extension, without fatigue and sibilance, great for keeping you entertained and immersed in your favourite tunes for long sessions!

    Neo by See Audio is certainly an IEM that is worthy to compete at the top, for a price that is much less!

    We also carry See Audio Yume and Kaguya!

  2. See Audio Bravery

    Pure Balanced Armatures (4BA, Knowles + Sonion)!

    The community inspired In Ear Monitor is finally here! In collaboration with See Audio fans, Bravery's frequency response graph and design were voted for, and the vision is now realised!

    With See Audio's vast experience in tuning, as well as a Hakugei cable and Azla Xelastec premium and comfortable ear tips, this IEM is a the full package! 

  3. See Audio Yume 2
    The SeeAudio Yume 2 is here for your listening enjoyment! Thoughtfully crafted, the Yume 2 is a winner. Clean, accurate and smooth response, maintaining SeeAudio's consistency on high fidelity experience. A well extended high frequency presentation to maintain a transparency on a smoother response to avoid discomfort and to maintain coherency. Can easily be driven by mobile phones without any problems.
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