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  1. BGVP Zero

    Electrostatic Technology! (7mm Electret Electrostatic Unit + 10mm Carbon Nanotube Moving Coil Dynamic Driver + N52rb Magnets)

    BGVP Zero combines a modern ergonomic design with a patented acoustic chamber and an electrostatic dynamic 10mm unit to bring about a unique sound! 

    With great resonance, a warm texture and smooth highs, BGVP staying faithful to their successful tuning style, a premium 6N OCC silver plated mic cable, and combined with a headphone amp to power and push the electrostatic to the fullest potential, Zero's sound is rich with sparkle, details and set upon a sizeable stage!

  2. BGVP SGZ-DN1s

    DUAL DRIVERS! Hybrid Technology! (8mm Biofilm Low Frequency Dynamic Driver + Custom Balanced Armature 30019)

    A well designed and attractive entry level IEM, the BGVP SGZ-DN1s is a great start to the amazing BGVP lineup of earphones!

    The BGVP SGZ-DN1s has an appealing V shaped signature with a gentle dynamic driver bass, warmish lows, clear highs and has a nice imaging scene.

    2 different styles of silicon tips, a cable clip and a great quality 5N OFC detachable mic cable are included, and the cable binds to universal quality MMCX connectors on the ear pieces too!

  3. BGVP ES12 IEM ArtMagic

    12 DRIVERS per side FLAGSHIP IEM with latest technology! 4 Electrostatic Drivers (by Sonion) + 8 Balanced Armatures (4 by Knowles, 4 by Sonion) 

    The ES12 ARTMAGIC is BGVP's Flagship 12 Driver per side IEM, combining the latest Sonion Electrostatic Drivers with Knowles + Sonion Balanced Armatures!

    It is super versatile with dip switches allowing for 8 very different and usable sound signatures (really useful when some tracks are mastered bright, while others may be dark), and its like having the option of 8 earphones on 1 earphone!

    BGVP is great with tuning as seen from their past models, and the ES12 really shows their skill and mastery in this area!

    The treble is so smooth and natural without harshness and with high resolution and definition from the Sonion electrostatics, allowing a theoretical response stretching to 80KHz!

    Mids are transparent and detailed, with a fast and tight bass delivered by the balanced armatures!

    Separation is superb, so much so you can actually even hear the boundaries of the echos and reverb of the vocals and instruments in the song!

    Soundstage is big, and imaging is excellent; you can pin point exactly where everything is in a song!

    Fits snug in the ear, with great isolation, and its design is modern with the brushed mirrored design.

    All in all, an IEM that has amazing TOTL tuning versatility for both audiophiles and stage/studio musicians!

    Pre-Order: Will take 10 to 14 working days
  4. BGVP DM7 Blue Pearl Fritillaria


    1 Year Manufacturer Defect Warranty

    Be ready to be amazed by the BGVP DM7! Tuned masterfully, this IEM shows that you can have a warm sound signature while still having a monster amount of detail!

    The unique 4-way cross over provides a big soundstage, great bass that shines, natural mids, and a treble that does not fatigue without sacrificing clarity!

    These IEMs are a monster at this price bracket!


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