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  1. Moondrop SSR

    Super Spaceship Reference! Beryllium Coated Dynamic Driver!

    The SSR by Moondrop utilises a beryllium coated dome dynamic driver and provides a reference signature for the avid audiophile and musician! With a clean sounding, defined bass, transparent mids and a reference treble, the SSR is housed in a unique heart shaped rigid petite housing and comes with a detachable silver plated 4N Litz OFC cable providing you an amazing experience!


  2. KZ ZSN Pro X

    Upgraded Hybrid IEM! 10mm Large Dual Magnetic Dynamic Driver with Improved Acoustic Black Magnetic Gap + 30095 Balanced Armature!

    The ZSN lineup by KZ has been well loved so far, and the ZSN Pro X improves on that foundation! With an enhanced large 10mm dynamic driver, a reset on the diaphragm and magnetic gap providing a better coil performance, an upgrade to a high purity silver plated cable and a better matching on metal and resin mix for the housing, the ZSN Pro X has better bass and treble extension combined with dazzling looks!


  3. OneOdio A100 ANC TWS

    9mm Neodymium Driver TWS True Wireless IEM (with ANC Active Noise Cancellation)!

    The OneOdio A100 has a wide array of features for the avid sportsperson, traveller and commuter! Coupled with an option to turn on active noise cancellation to increase isolation in noisy settings, or transparency mode to hear the ambient sound around you for safety, the A100 is a TWS to carry everywhere you go! With IPX5 water resistance rating, use it while you go for run or at the gym! With a long battery life on both the earphones and charging case, OneOdio A100 is a TWS that provides great convenience for many scenarios! Also supports wireless charging!




  4. KZ ASX
    10 Balanced Armatures per side
  5. CCA C10 Pro
    1 Dynamic Driver + 4 Balanced Armatures per side
  6. Tanchjim Blues

    Diamond Material Technology Dynamic Driver!

    Right after the Oxygen and Cora, Tanchjim once again shows their skills in tuning!

    The Tanchjim Blues has a tight fast bass, a touch of warm lows, revealing detailed mids with good energy, and a tinge of air to its treble.

    Vocals have great clarity and the soundstage is quite wide with very good resolution and a natural timbre, making the Tanchjim Blues an extremely enjoyable pair of earphones!

    It also has a beautiful gorgeous metallic finish and is extremely comfortable to wear, with its small and very lightweight shell!

  7. TRN ST1

    DUAL DRIVERS! Hybrid Technology! (10mm Dynamic Driver + Balanced Armature 30095)

    A great entry level IEM, the TRN ST1 is a hybrid earphone that incorporates a good bass punch from its 10mm Dynamic Driver and great clarity from its custom balanced armature 30095! Comes with a detachable mic cable, and also has great ergonomics and a sleek look. Great IEM to start your journey with!

  8. BGVP SGZ-DN1s

    DUAL DRIVERS! Hybrid Technology! (8mm Biofilm Low Frequency Dynamic Driver + Custom Balanced Armature 30019)

    A well designed and attractive entry level IEM, the BGVP SGZ-DN1s is a great start to the amazing BGVP lineup of earphones!

    The BGVP SGZ-DN1s has an appealing V shaped signature with a gentle dynamic driver bass, warmish lows, clear highs and has a nice imaging scene.

    2 different styles of silicon tips, a cable clip and a great quality 5N OFC detachable mic cable are included, and the cable binds to universal quality MMCX connectors on the ear pieces too!

  9. BGVP Zero

    Electrostatic Technology! (7mm Electret Electrostatic Unit + 10mm Carbon Nanotube Moving Coil Dynamic Driver + N52rb Magnets)

    BGVP Zero combines a modern ergonomic design with a patented acoustic chamber and an electrostatic dynamic 10mm unit to bring about a unique sound! 

    With great resonance, a warm texture and smooth highs, BGVP staying faithful to their successful tuning style, a premium 6N OCC silver plated mic cable, and combined with a headphone amp to power and push the electrostatic to the fullest potential, Zero's sound is rich with sparkle, details and set upon a sizeable stage!

  10. Febos T2 Classic (Hisenior)

    Singapore Oardio Showroom In-Store Demo Status: Available

    2 American Knowles Balanced Armatures! (CI+ED)

    Febos T2 Classic by Hisenior is a the perfect successor of the original T2!

    Keeping the original hardware and tuning of the original, the T2 Classic perfects it with an ergonomic resin shell, that fits well in most ears!

    With a natural, balanced, uncoloured and flat tuning, and a comfortable form factor that helps reduce noise isolation, T2 Classic is perfect for musicians for stage monitoring and studio use!

    Along with a selection of ear tips, a hardcase and cleaning cloth is included to make this a great IEM for the budding musician, which will accompany you for plenty of hours for your jams and gigs

    Handmade with precision and great built quality, coupled with a 2 year warranty on the IEMs itself, start your musician journey with a great quality and affordable IEM!

    *Available in both Universal and Custom

    **For Custom Model, Ear Impressions are NOT included. Ear impressions should be taken by a professional audiologist and shipped over physically. 

  11. Kotori Audio Dauntless

    Singapore Oardio Showroom In-Store Demo Status: Available

    10mm PU+PEEK Composite Japan Made Dynamic Driver!

    The Dauntless is Kotori Audio's debut IEM, and indeed has made an impressive start!

    With awesome resolution and an original tuning, the Dauntless shows that it is fearless and is able to carve out microdetails with ease! 

    The specialised and well engineered 3D printed acoustic chamber eliminates the need for traditional sound tubes and dampers, and at the same time reduces distortion. 

    With an ergonomic fit build from quality industrial resin, and an all black look that matches well with anything, Dauntless is perfect for everyday use while traveling for audiophiles, and isolates well on stage for musicians! 

    Coupled with a trendy case that includes a carabiner, a nice flexible silver plated copper cable, and 2 styles of silicone tips of various sizes, the Dauntless is a perfect package if you are enthusiastic about sound and music! 

  12. Febos Mega5P (Hisenior)

    Singapore Oardio Showroom In-Store Demo Status: Available

    5 Drivers (10mm DD + 4 Balanced Armatures), 4 Way Crossover

    The Story of Mega5P

    For years, we could not resist the pros of the Dynamic driver for its superior bass response, its natural flavor, and the pros of the Balanced Armature driver for its detailed, separately well-tuned sound within different frequency bands     

    We always hoped to design one perfect In-ear Monitor which can combine the defining qualities of BALANCED ARMATURE DRIVERs and DYNAMIC DRIVERs for real balanced sound with:

            --Warm and Superior Bass response

            --Detailed and Clear Response for Vocal Instrumental Sound

            --Smooth and Clean Coherence within Lows/Mids/Highs

            --No Annoying Sibilance 

    While the most concerning points in DD&BA drivers' smooth coherence tuning and DD driver's durability are solved, we think it’s time and then we have the Mega5P (the MOST BALANCED HYBRID IN-EAR MONITOR we Hisenior ever have).

    Mega5P Unique Features:

    5-Hybrid Drivers (10mm DD+ 4BAs)

    4-Ways system (1Low+2Mid-highs+2S-highs)

    Superior bass and soundstage

    Forward vocal, detailed and clear treble 

    Smooth coherence between BAs&DD Drivers

    New Ergonomic design fit for small ears too

  13. See Audio Yume 2
    The SeeAudio Yume 2 is here for your listening enjoyment! Thoughtfully crafted, the Yume 2 is a winner. Clean, accurate and smooth response, maintaining SeeAudio's consistency on high fidelity experience. A well extended high frequency presentation to maintain a transparency on a smoother response to avoid discomfort and to maintain coherency. Can easily be driven by mobile phones without any problems.
  14. UCOTECH IL1000

    Singapore Oardio Showroom In-Store Demo Status: Available

    UCOTECH 8mm Dynamic with IDP (Independent Dynamic in Pocket)!

    Beautifully made and designed in Korea, the IL1000 brings emotions to life with its fun sound! 3D printed and cast with zinc, the black-with-blue colour scheme is reminiscent of the night sky when lots of music happens.

    Comes with a 4.4mm cable and UCOTECH's Spear 4.4mm to 3.5mm premium adaptor, giving you versatility with DAPs, dongles, phones, and also a 6-slot case for silicone tips.

    Be sure to get yours now!

  15. UCOTECH RE-2

    Singapore Oardio Showroom In-Store Demo Status: Available

    10mm Beryllium Plated Dynamic Driver!

    After the highly successful reference model RE-1, UCOTECH from Korea presents you with an even more balanced sound with RE-2!

    In a highly exquisite and hefty brass housing, built to quality, the RE-2 has a mature tuning, with great clarity, imaging and separation! Hear the details from the music you love! With a tilted nozzle for a great fit, a beautiful cable, and MMCX removal tool, the RE-2 is the full package for your audiophile needs!

    Be sure to get yours now!

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