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Made in Europe High Performance Portable Dac Amp, with both 3.5mm Single Ended and 2.5mm Balanced Outputs!

The EarMen Sparrow features ESS's Flagship Audiophile Grade ES9281 Pro SABRE®DAC, which integrates an MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) renderer for MQA playback and also includes HyperStream®II modulation for great sound quality and stable sound field! In such a small form factor, this dac amp dongle packs a punch, and is able to power up to an output of 4.0 Vrms (when using the balanced output), ensuring plenty of headroom!

The Sparrow's Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is also gold plated with 4 layers, allowing great micro details with hi-res source files and assures minimal loss of sound quality! Housed in a CNC milled light weight aluminium enclosure and attractive front and back faceplates, this great portable powerful dac amp is plug and play and ensures plenty of hours of audio enjoyment!

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EarMen Sparrow Portable DAC ES9281PRO Amp Dongle USB C Adaptor MQA with both 3.5mm Single Ended and 2.5mm Balanced Outputs

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Input Interface: USB C Female iOS iPhone/iPad lightning connector to 3.5mm audio input jack dongle adapter

Output Interface: Unbalanced (Single Ended) 3.5mm / Balanced 2.5mm


LED Indicator: White Colour - Connected, Green Colour - PCM / DXD / DSD, Magenta Colour - MQA, Red Colour - Not Connected

Unbalanced (Single Ended) 3.5mm: 32Ω - Power 1.4 Vrms / 60 mW , THD+N < 0.004% / 150Ω - Power 2.0 Vrms / 26 mW, THD + N < 0.004%

Balanced 2.5mm: 32Ω - Power 1.85 Vrms / 110 mW , THD+N < 0.002% / 150Ω - Power 4.0 Vrms / 100 mW, THD + N < 0.006%

Audio Formats: DSD - 64 / 128 DoP , DXD - 384 / 352.8 kHz , PCM - Up to 384 kHz, MQA Rendering - MQA native hardware 

Weight: approx 12grams / 0.026 lbs

Dimensions: approx 42mm x 22mm x 8mm / 1.65" x 0.86" x 0.31"

Supported Operating Systems: WIN10, Android, Apple iOS, Apple macOS

Warranty: 2 years limited warranty

Made in Europe


EarMen Sparrow Portable Dac

USB C to USB C short cable

USB C to USB C long cable


EarMen information

Note: For iPhones and Apple Products using lightning connector, lightning-to-USB Adapter/cable are not included

EarMen Disclaimer:

Due to the increased radiation of some phone models, as well as using the Sparrow without a GND shield cables, there may be some interference when using the device.

Our recommendation is to keep Sparrow away from your phone and use shielded GND USB C cables at least 50 cm (20") long.

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