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  1. dd HiFi DJ35A/DJ44A

    Attractive, convenient, great quality and well built cable convertor adapters by DD HiFi!

    Have a 2.5mm balanced cable that you would like to convert to 3.5mm or 4.4mm balanced?

    Check out the DJ35A and DJ44A adapter! Built with quality, great design, small, lightweight and flexible gold plated pcb at the joint, your connection does not stick out too with its angled input!

  2. Blon Silver Plated Copper Upgrade Cable

    Silver Plated Cable made specifically for Blon IEM Earphones!

    A beautiful cable made to fit Blon earphones specifically, these are a must have! Provides a tighter bass punch and improves the mids and highs for that extra clean sparkle, it feels flexible soft to touch! The plugs have an exquisite look, and there is a ball above the y split to adjust tightness!

  3. BGVP 6N Hybrid OCC Silver Plated Cable

    6N Single Crystal Copper with Silver Plated Single Crystal Copper Blend 8 Core Hand Woven Cable!

    The 99.9999% OCC + Silver Plated Hybrid cable is another quality cable brought to you BGVP!

    Better separation, tight low ends, transparent mids, with great details while providing a smooth treble, this cable, that is the same one that comes with the BGVP DM7, sounds amazing and looks great with its 2 tone 8 core braid, good thickness and soft feel!

    Pairs really well with other IEMs including the BGVP DMS!

    Be sure to check it out now!


  4. BGVP 5N Silver Plated OCC Crystal Copper MMCX to 3.5mm Blue Cable

    Silver Plated 5N Single Crystal Copper 8 Core Hand Woven MMCX 3.5mm Blue Cable!

    This cable is in an alluring blue, thin but strong form factor, and has focuses on clarity!




  5. BGVP 6N Silver Plated OCC Crystal Copper 0.78mm 2 pin to 3.5mm Cable

    Silver Plated 6N OCC Single Crystal Copper 8 Core Hand Woven 2 pin 0.78mm 3.5mm Cable!

    This handwoven cable helps to tighten the bass, bring out the mids and extend the highs without being harsh!



  6. BGVP 6N OCC Crystal Copper MMCX 3.5mm Cable

    6N Single Crystal Copper 8 Core Hand Woven MMCX 3.5mm Cable!

    The 6N Handwoven Crystal Copper Cable by BGVP is a beautiful sounding cable, that provides warmth for the lows, transparent mids, and smoothens out harshness in the highs without compromising detail and clarity!



  7. TRN T1 Gold & Silver Plated Cable

    Upgrade your beautiful 2 pin 0.75/0.78mm/MMCX IEMs with the TRN T1 Gold and Silver Plated 8 Core Braided Upgrade Cable!


  8. Tin Hifi Sil4 Silver Cable

    Crystal Silver Upgrade Cable

    After many successful IEM earphones created, Tin Hifi and Tin Audio have released their very own premium Sil4 cable!

    Using Crystal Silver, the tonality helps to keep lows powerful, vocals natural and really smooth highs.

    With an intricate porcelain design combine with stainless steel, plus a sleek black fabric braid, this tangle free cable is definitely one to add to your collection!



  9. BGVP 5N Hybrid OCC Silver Plated MMCX 3.5mm Cable

    5N Single Crystal Copper with Silver Plated Single Crystal Copper blend 8 Core Hand Woven MMCX 3.5mm Cable!

    Wanting a beautiful, slim profile, great warm sounding cable to upgrade your BGVP, Tin Hifi Tin Audio or similar MMCX IEMs?

    The BGVP 5N Single Crystal Copper/ Silver Plated blend is the way to go!

    With no mic (for audio listening) or mic option (for those who want to use their IEM for communication or gaming too), and no preform hooks, and an amazing sound, plus its compact size to bring around for commuting, this cable is not to be missed in your collection!


  10. Tanchjim 5N OCC Crystal Copper Upgrade Cable

    5N OCC Black Fabric 0.78mm 2 Pin 3.5mm or 2.5mm Balanced or 4.4mm Balanced Upgrade Cable!

    A nice warm sounding quality cable that pairs well with the Tanchjim Oxygen or other 0.78mm 2 pin IEM earphones!

    With its black fabric braid, it is comfortable and matches well with most attires when you are commuting and out and about!

    Using the OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) process, this helps to reduce oxidation and impurities to its copper wire material too.

    All in all another quality product by Tanchjim!


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